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Corebiz’s domains & brand protection is a comprehensive provider of digital services. We help our customers protect, secure, register and monitor their trademark rights online. We do this by helping companies in Scandinavia and globally with domain name registration, brand registration, brand monitoring and various digital marketing solutions to optimize your brands online.

Trademark protection & monitoring

We offer our customers powerful tools for monitoring their brands online via different channels, depending on what you as a customer want to monitor.

  • 100% electronic delivery of brand reports
  • 100% electronic delivery of domain name monitoring messages

We have the first integrated online platform that allows you to view all brand, domain, internet content and auction monitoring data from an integrated, user-friendly interface;
Seamless monitoring of change websites to archive the activity of potentially conflicting registered domain names.

Why us?

We have the experience, knowledge and technology to effectively monitor your brand wherever it occurs.

Technology + expertise = superior results: artistically combine experienced, skilled brand staff with the latest technology to deliver superior and accurate results. Our team of analysts reviews all trademark infringement and monitoring data before submitting it and makes sure you get the exact information you need.

We save TIME: Quickly and easily access, review and archive all your reports online, directly from your Corebiz portal. Our e-mail reports are also faster and easier to handle because all the information is “embedded” – in the report that you receive every week.

No attachments to open and manage. Just open your email and all the information is right there.

We make your life easier. Your reports and all your information are available to you 24/7. Log in to MY ACCOUNT. All your monitoring information is added to your account on our secure reporting platform. Easily navigate our intuitive system and discover the powerful search, sorting and reporting features available to you.

Our offer:

  • Logo monitoring
  • Monitoring of ownership information on domains
  • Web page monitoring
  • Internet content monitoring
  • Monitoring of copied products
  • Brand monitoring online
  • Registration of trademarks, patents and logos
  • App monitoring
  • Social media monitoring
  • Auction monitoring / Online shopping
  • Domain name monitoring

SSL - Why is it important for you as a company and what should you know?

COREBIZ – SSL Manager Tool

The practical software for SSL management allows you to easily order and manage all SSL certificates directly online via our SSL Manager portal

Quality products

We only use products of the highest quality and never compromise on safety. Our SSL products are among the most innovative on the market. We offer Digicert, Thawte and GeoTrust certificates.

Advice & support

Our support team is happy to help you find the right product and help you with any technical questions.

Turning point in the SSL / TLS market: The trend towards shorter validity periods

The validity of SSL / TLS certificates has changed over and over again in recent years. Before 2015, you could get an SSL / TLS certificate issued for up to five years. Then came the turnaround in the SSL market: the five years became three in 2018 and later decreased to two years. In August 2018, Google proposed to shorten the period to one year. At the end of 2019, however, the proposal was initially rejected by the majority of the CA / B Forum (Certification Authority / Browser Forum).

With the announcement by Apple in March this year that as of September 1, 2020, only certificates with a maximum validity period of 397 days would be classified as secure in their own Safari browser, it was agreed that the validity period of one year plus the maximum extension would become the new standard. We are happy to tell you more about how it affects you and your current SSL certificates. ssl@corebiz.se

Our offer:

  • SSL certificates
  • SSL Manager

Global domain registration

We offer company registration under all top-level domains as well as country domains as well as new generic top-level domains. We also have the opportunity to offer our customers a local presence in over +50 countries, which enables registration for customers who otherwise cannot register their brands and company names if they do not have a physical presence in the country. Our business model is transparent and simple, customers do not have to pay unnecessary surcharges, hourly fees and other management fees.

Why us?

We offer personal support and fast response times. At CoreBiz Solutions, we are proud to be a proactive partner, working closely with our customers to ensure secure and dynamic management of key IP assets, such as domain names, SSL certificates, digital profiles and other online businesses.

The technical infrastructure is provided by InterNetX. Our trusted backend provider hosts approximately 4 million domains on its DNS servers spread across five data centers around the world. This means a safer environment and shorter response times for your users.

We know that security is essential for our customers and can assure you that the latest infrastructure, with four DNS servers that provide extra redundancy for each domain, keeps even the most business-critical domains secure and works at all times. Zero downtime.

With experience from the domain name industry since 1999, we are one of Sweden’s most experienced domain name suppliers.

Our offer:

  • DKIM
  • Transfer – registration and renewal of all domains
  • Global DNS geolocation solutions
  • TMCH – Trademark Clearinghouse
  • Hidden WHOIS-data
  • Virtual name servers
  • IPv6-compatible
  • Anycast server solution
  • Global DNS solutions
  • New generic top domains
  • .dotBrand – your own top domain
  • Effective domain management

Digital Marketing - More important than ever to be seen online!

We help our customers together with strategic partners optimize your brands and sites online. Through long experience, we can thus not only protect, register and monitor your brands but also ensure that you reach maximum exposure of your brands online, this to increase traffic and visibility. We work with SEO, SEM, Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Our offer:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • SEM
  • SEO

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